Monday, February 8, 2010

Top 5 hottest Chicks to Age of 25

Some new girls hit the market in the last time, so I'm doing a new ranking right now (The year in the brakets is the year of birth):

#5 Kaylee Defer (1986)

She does greate playing a pretty, simple-hearted daughter in War at Home and she really is a natural cutie.

#4 Ashley Greene (1987)

For me, she is the real hot star at Twilight. And her last picture really proof this.

#3 Emma Watson (1990)

To put here in the top 5 was the most easy decision. Milion of men waited for her to turn 18. And she is banging Harry Potter what makes here even more atractive to nerds like me.

#2 Kaley Cuoco (1985)

Greate Girl, HOT Girl, cool TV Show. She brings the big package.

#1 Sara Fletcher (1984)

This is the major upset. There actually is no Wiki Article to her. I would mary her right away. THE ULTIMATE GIRL.

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