Saturday, November 28, 2009

pull up your ol six-string

I just found an album of Johnny Cash and this insprired me to a now List. Top 10 Song sby Johnny Cash. And, man, this is way tougher than it sounds. He is the Godfather of Country Music and will be an Inspritation for artist for all time. Well, his musical style is not that challenging but his songs are always little stories. Really Greate. I always give some reasons for the position in my ranking. But that's not possible right here. I could easily name 30 Cash Songs which could make number 1. So it's just about my feelings, which is hard to describe.

#10 - 25 minutes to go
"The whole twon's waitin' just to hear me yell, I got 24 minutes to go ..."

#9 - with June Carter, Help me through the night
"Well, it's sad to be alone, help me make it through the night."

#8 - Man in Black
"Well, you wonder why I always dress in black. [...] I wear the black for the poor and beaten down, living in the hopeless hungry side of town ..."

#7 - Ring of Fire
"Love is a burning thing, and it makes a fire ring ..."

#6 - Walk the Line
"... because you're mine, I walk the line ..."

#5 - Sunday morning coming down
"... and the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad do I had one more for dessert ..."

#4 - Personal Jesus
Because it's not an original Johnny Cash I feel like to explain this one. I hate Depeche Mode, but this song covered by Johnny Cash feels so greate, he made a whole new kind of feeling to this song. It's my number four because I really love him singing this song. Every music enthusiast will kill me for this cast but Johnny made all the emotions in this song touchable. So it's my number four. The next one is a Johnny original.

#3 - Ghost Rider in the Sky
"Jippie jay jey, Jippie jay joh"

#2 - Cocain blues
"I took a shot of cocain and I shoot my women down. I went right home and went to bed."

#1 - Folsom Prison Blues
"... I shot a man in Reno, just two watch him die ..."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top of the Tops

Well, I made a lot of List in the last time. I just thought about ordering them and summerize them right here.

Still to come ...
  • Hottest Girls in Human History
  • Greatest Movies of all Time
  • Greatest Actors of all Time
  • ... (it's late right now. I'll figure out other Lists later)

Top Football Equipment

Hey Dudes,

I don't know if mentioned it, but I play American Football and I'm the Equpment Hog on our Team. Well, actually I need two pairs of new cleats and gloves every year, not because they are torn down, I just have a kind of a fetish. My favorit brand is Nike right now. But Under Armour is taking mor and more place in my locker. So I made up my mind, walked through some stuff in my locker and on the internet and figured out my Top 5 Cleats and Gloves. This lists will be updated frequently. In this list only appear stock Items which are available for every customer.

#5 - Adidas TS Mario Wiliams
Well, this is a major upset. I choose the Mario over the LT signature cleat. On of my Teammates just got this cleat and I looks so awesome that I really choose an Adidas Cleat over a Nike one. I think this will be the only time. But only time will tell ...

#4 - Nike Huarache 2009
I like the first version of this Cleat but this one is killer. I really like the strap on the forefoot. Great style. And by the way, this shoe looks killer when it's taped over with just the strap free on the forefoot.

#3 - Under Armour Metal Mid
This cleat is from the 2008 collection of Under Armour, but still the coolest one. It's actually the most aggressiv looking cleat I know. This is what it makes my Number 3 choice. Click, clack ... Do you hear us comin'?

#2 - Nike Blade D 2009 Edition
This is a classic. Well, I do not like the TD version that much, but with detachables it way better. I chhose this shoe over every on else because I like mid top shoes. Well, it's only the number 2 on this list because the next one is OF THE HOOK.

#1 Nike Vapor Jet 4.2 Chrome Edition
Man, is this a killer shoe, all chrome. I have nothing more to tell.

Let's make a cut to Football Gloves:

#5 - Under Armour Blitz 2
As I told you, Under Armour is taking more and more room in my locker. So this glove is just well designed. Actually I had a try on this but, well, this glove is better for posing than playing football.

#4 - Under Armour F1 Reciever Glove
Its a greate glove because it's looks as tight as it is. Man, this glove is really tight, and not in the picturesk type. Actually the grip is nat that good.

#3 - Nike Jordan Reciever Gloves
Cool brand, cool glove, all white, nothing more to tell.

#2 - Cutters Gamer
And an upset again. This ist like Boise State winning the Fiesta Bowl. Every players know that Cutters Gloves are famous for their performance rather then style. But this one is really cool. And i like the short cut right above the wrist. This glove is my choice for the next season.

#1 - Nike Asassin Gloves
And Nike again. I told you about my little crush on Nike. This glove looks aggressiv, performes great. It's not as durable as the Cutters but in this list style wins over quality.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

And again

Well, I'm kond of bored and can't sleep. So I shoot out another Top5 List:

The 5 best duets in Music History:

Number 5:

Bonnie Raitt & Nora Jones - Tennessee Waltz

Well, I just found it surfin' around on YouTube but hell yea, this two rock! The combination of the smooth voice of Nora Jones, the smokie voice of Bonnie and this classic song is really greate.

Number 4:

Elton John & George Michael - Don't let the sun go down on me

Put together two wonderfull orchestral voices and an emotional song and what you get is one of the best duets of th last 30 years. Greate Performance, greate song. The only thing what's missing is the swagger of both singing together.

Number 3:

Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock - Picture

I'm, well let's say, not the biggest Kid Rock Fan, but this song is greate. Greate Lyrics and it fits perfect to both of them. And Sheryl Crow is hot like hell.

Number 2:

Mark Knopfler, Sting, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins - Money for Nothing (by Dire Straits)

Actually, this is not a duet, but I cannot make a list of Artists performing songs together and leave out this one. Actually if this list wouldn't be about duetts this one would be Number One! Just think a little moment about the cast. Lead Gitare and Lead Vocals: Mark Knopfler. Vocals: Sting. Gitare: Eric Clapton. Drums: Phil Collind. The best group of musicians I've ever seen.

Number 1:

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel - Ain't no mountain high enough

You can't talk about duetts and leave out this song. Two of the best musicians of the early 70s, one of the best songs ever made and this two performing and acting so good together. This actually is the definition of a great duet.

It's getting down

Hi Fellas,

today I want to talk about emotional stuff. The 5 Songs that touches me most, in many different ways. To make a long story short I'll start right away:

Number 5:

Your Song - Elton John

I start with an old time classic. This is one of the songs you like to play when your are alone with a girl and want to ... (I think you mind can tell you). But thats not because you know that it will work, it's because everybody really like the song. And I like Eltons voice so much. And yes, this is a statement, Sir Elton John you are one of the best musicians ever performed.

Number 4:

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

That's an easy call. It's Eric, it's the song and the story to this song. If somebody does a list of emotional songs you can't miss out this one.

Number 3:

Bridge over troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkle

This could be the number one if Eva Cassidy wouldn't have passed away and draged attention to her interpretation of "Somewhere over the Rainbow".

Number 2:

Halleluja - Jeff Buckley

OK, everybody who knows about music will kill me right now. Leonard Cohen is a master and this song is his masterpiece. But when it comes down to performance and singing I think he just did to much. Jeff Buckley, just a gitare, that enough and holds so much more emotions.

And the winner is:

Somewhere over the Rainbow - best Performance by Eva Cassidy

This song is so incredible great. When this song is played I'll can't move and always have to hold my tears. Why Eva Cassidy? Well, first of all her Interpretation is extra ordinary great. Sadly she passed away some years ago. Greate Artist performed one of the greatest songs of all time. I also do like the original by Israel Kamakawiwo, well it's the original and no interpretation, but Eva's voice just stands out.