Sunday, July 19, 2009

My best Football Team

I know what I said, but when I don't do this "Best on the market" List right know, I'll forget it.
Well, I'm really into Football. And yesterday I thought which Player I would choose to build my franchise around. It should be an active Player. But I really can't imagine one single player. A Quaterback wouldn't work without a real GoToGuy. And a Smash Mouth RB wouldn't get a single yard with a crappy OLine. If i really have to chose one single Player it would be a Defense guy because they can make a difference in a game by themselfes. But it would be unfair to chose a Linebacker over a Defense Back or the other way around. So I play Waren Sapp for this evening.


OLine: Bryant McKinnie (Vikings)
With Walter Jones off the board this guy the MEAN MACHINE. He is the reason why A.P. is this greate. On the inside it's Steve Hutchinson, but I'll always pick a Tackle over a Guard. Bryant is 6.8, 335 pounds Monster. If you think about why the Viks run the OffTackle plays this well, it's because of him.

QB: Vince Young (Titans)
In the modern art of playing ball you got to have a QB who can throw the ball AND run it (just look at the last success of the wildcat formation). So the only other guy who comes to my mind would be Michael Vick, but he'll never play in the NFL again. If somebody now tells me Payton is the much better QB, I'll say yes, but only in the Pocket. I've never seen Payton running fpr 60 or 70 yards and throwing for 300. So, Payton is the better Passer but Vince fits best in the modern way of playing the game.

RB: Adrian Peterson (Vikings)
Yes, another one from Minnesota. He and Bryant are the best combo you can get. And I think there wouldn't be any sceptics about this pic.

FB: Madison Hedgecock (Giants)
As a reate Fullback you have to be the full package. You have to block, run and catch the ball in space. He can do this all and he got swager. I really like this guy. Espacially on this position you need swager.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)
I've never seen a guy catching balls this great. Double Coverage? So what, throw the ball to him. He'll catch it. A lot of guys would say Randy Moss right here, and with Tom Terrific back on the gridiron there will be also much more. But when he got Double Coverage last year with Brady out, there were other guys to make the big plays. So I pic Larry because he is a Playmaker 24/7.

TE: Tony Gonzales (Falcons)
This is THE Tigth End of the last decades (If we would live in the 70's I would chose Kellen Winslow Sr.). This guy catches the ball like a reciever and blocks you like a Tackle. And now with the Falcons he has the Championship Team he always wanted.


DT: Albert Haynesworth (Redskins)
If you are an OLine Man there is one guy in the game you don't want to play against, Albert. He always needs a double team and beats them on a regular basis. Terrific. And I like mean guys on the inside.

DE: DeMarcus Ware (Cowboys)
With Albert in the middle I want the best rushing end in the game, and this is, with no doubt, DeMarcus Ware. He scares QBs with his pure presence. So set him up and you'll get multiple sacks EVERY game.

ILB: Patrick Willis (49ers)
The best Tackler in the NFL in his rookie season? You think thats not possible? It is, in form of Patrick. The guys around him are maybe not the best against the run, but it's not easy to play this consistend in a rookie season. He and Albert on my Team and nobody will ever run the middle.

OLB: Shawn Merriman (Chargers)
Can rush the side where DeMarcus isn't and play it really hard nose against the run. Maybe the best all about Linebacker. So he definitly has a starting job on my Team.

CB: Cortland Finnegan (Titans)
Mr Interception. QBs throw away from him just not to get Intercepted. You may tell me that he only played this well because he has the support of the DLine, but thats exactly what i want to produce.

Safety: Ed Reed (Ravens)
The earth is coverd 2/3 by water, but Ed Reed covers everything. Thats so fucking true. Defently the best Safety in the game. And against the run, oh boy, that guy hits you in the face with 200 mph.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Best on the Market

I just got an idea for a new Category. In "Best on the Market" I'll rank stuff every 2 weeks. I did this before in my top-5 women sports (link). Today I start with the Top 5 MILFs in memory of Katie Price to be back on the market.

#5 : Jennifer Coolige (Age 45)

THE MILF. This women really build the word MILF. Not only Finch recognized this in all the American Pie Movies. Actually she would end up being a number 3 but she crushed her spot by not showing anything about her private life. All about real life MILFism would be guessing. I actually don't know if she's a real mom.

#4 : Cobie Smulders (Age 27)

New entrance in this list. If I would have made this list 9 month earlier she could not be here. If she wouldn't be engaged she would even get higher in this list. The most of her repuation was gained by the great series "How I met your Mother".

#3 : Katie Price (Age 31)

Man, I tell you, this is a pure MILF. I just read that you just have to go to a party with her to get in her panties. She likes to strip down all naked when she's drunk. And she is back on the market. You may ask why she is not #2. Well, at first she has no style. If I would be her child, I would be ashamed of her. But she is still hot like hell and so she secured her podium position.

#2 : Nelly Furtado (Age 30)

Actually it would be a tied first place if I wouldn't have a little crush on Angelina. I can't remeber a single women who looks that greate after a pragnancy. And she can sing and seems to be really down to earth. But what brings her on top of Katie Price are her eyes, and, damn, watch her belly.

#1 : Angelina Jolie (Age 34)

DAMN, she is hot like hell. She gets even hotter when she gets older. There isn't and there will be no other number 1 in this list. Even if this would be the list of the hottes women on this planet she would be in my top 5. She got 2 kids and you ain't see anything. She is the one and only MILF since she bacame a mom. And her relationship to Brad Pit doesn't lower her status because he really is a cool guy.


So Fellas, I have to make a Statement about suits. There's nothing more manly then suits, and there is no other piece of clothing which is only made for men. And if somebody comes around with this crazy combos for women, this is fuckin not a SUIT! Think about it for a second ...
All right, why exists suits? If it would be just about comfort or functionality I would prefer a pullover and my old cord trouser. But how do i look like in my favorite pink wool pullover and an four year old cord trouser? True, not awesome. So, that women see that we care about how we look like an inteligent person invents the suit. This is an plaudit for suits. WEAR SUITS GUYS!
Me and my friends started going out in suits every two weeks. And let me tell you the truth, you not only feel better, you also have a better shot on girls. My experiments brought out that suit REALLY work! So, SUIT UP, BITCHES!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I found a 9+, or how Megan Fox starts sozialising

Allright Fellas, how many of you really remember Transformers? And I do not mean the cool yellow camaro from the motion picture. Last week I just went up to the cinema to watch the new Transformer movie. Well, the script is not that well and the jokes ... all right let's stop right here or I waste all my time counting the bad features of that film. But what is not a bad feature is Megan Fox! This girl is smokin' hot. I really think they just made this movie to present her, and let me say, with a lot of success. And when it comes to the final scenes I thought they couldn't top the shots of her. But they did. Slow Motion of Megan Fox in a tiny tank top. Greate Movie! I immediately forgot all the lack of complex plot. I found the girl that comes that near to a ten then no other girl till now. For example:

Well, her acting skills are on one level with some great actors I saw in soft porn movies, but, and I'll not get tired to tell you again and again, she's smokin' hot. But everybody recognizied her lack of talent so she got a new Series where she is hunted by the devil and starts terrorizing her neighborhood. Much more realistic and a tough role to play ...
So I'll give her a 9+ because she is, and I'll repeat myself again, smokin' hot.

Let's come to the King of Pop. That nobody missunderstands me, Micheal, rest in peace. You have been the greatest Pop Artist over years. I really admire your work and the music you played. Let's have one minute of silence ...

But what happens now is way to much. If your goal is that everybody starts hating his music because every song is so overplayed you're on the right way. I love to hear his music, BUT NOT 24/7. Because I'm number 1.000.000 who made this statement I stop this right here.

Right now I have kicked out a new experiment out of nowhere. If I'm about everything she loves, how many dates it will take to get in her pants? Right now I just hang around with here from time to time and gather information. For example if she loves Hoodies, what will be the effect if I give her mine if she freezes? I know, it will be good, but will it works better than a jacket? This is the point; will things she loves work better than normal, kind behavior? I think I just need one more week to gather all information I need. So hear about the date in about two weeks. I'll bet on myself.

What about my other Experiments? I just couldn't find a situation to do the naked man. If you can have a girl the easy way, why burst it with the naked man? I'm just waiting for a situation where my chances are really low, and I'm in a town far, far away.
And did suiting up works? I'll tell you yes, but I still not finished my researches. So be patient for new result.
And jobs? I'll try this the next time I'm in M├╝nster. I'll tell you about this.

Well, there is one more thing I just discoverd. There has been a headphone-party in zurich. Greate Idea. Listen to loud music without disturbing anybody, but ... THIS IS NOT A PARTY. Someone has to take offence on partys. That is how partys work. This are the stories you talk about later on and on. "Do you remeber me drunk as hell and the police comes around at my flat because the music was to loud?" This is the kind of party I want to be part of. The only thing I think is interesting about silent parties is the possibility to listen to people. If the music is off you can hear everybody talkin. I haven't discoverd a real plan, but this could be a little fun.

Peace out