Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beachvolleyball is such a greate sport ...

... not because I like to play it, it's because a lot of beautifull girls love this sport. And beachvolleyball features on of the best rules in sport. The "Your-Panties-Have-To-Be-This-Short" rule, greate, isn't it? So watchin girls bent over in hotpants is really a greate evening activity. So you see, I'm really into sports like that, so here is my all time favorite Top-5 list of womensports:
  1. Beachvolleyball
  2. Womenhockey (short skirts and always bent over)
  3. Lingerie Football (and there is a hell of a league for this "sport")
  4. Womentennis (screaming like the girl in my bed last night)
  5. Women Gymnastics (flexible girls, I could imagine a lot to do with them)
If somebody has more interesting sports I'll extend my list. I'll close this post with pics of my top five.

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