Saturday, November 28, 2009

pull up your ol six-string

I just found an album of Johnny Cash and this insprired me to a now List. Top 10 Song sby Johnny Cash. And, man, this is way tougher than it sounds. He is the Godfather of Country Music and will be an Inspritation for artist for all time. Well, his musical style is not that challenging but his songs are always little stories. Really Greate. I always give some reasons for the position in my ranking. But that's not possible right here. I could easily name 30 Cash Songs which could make number 1. So it's just about my feelings, which is hard to describe.

#10 - 25 minutes to go
"The whole twon's waitin' just to hear me yell, I got 24 minutes to go ..."

#9 - with June Carter, Help me through the night
"Well, it's sad to be alone, help me make it through the night."

#8 - Man in Black
"Well, you wonder why I always dress in black. [...] I wear the black for the poor and beaten down, living in the hopeless hungry side of town ..."

#7 - Ring of Fire
"Love is a burning thing, and it makes a fire ring ..."

#6 - Walk the Line
"... because you're mine, I walk the line ..."

#5 - Sunday morning coming down
"... and the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad do I had one more for dessert ..."

#4 - Personal Jesus
Because it's not an original Johnny Cash I feel like to explain this one. I hate Depeche Mode, but this song covered by Johnny Cash feels so greate, he made a whole new kind of feeling to this song. It's my number four because I really love him singing this song. Every music enthusiast will kill me for this cast but Johnny made all the emotions in this song touchable. So it's my number four. The next one is a Johnny original.

#3 - Ghost Rider in the Sky
"Jippie jay jey, Jippie jay joh"

#2 - Cocain blues
"I took a shot of cocain and I shoot my women down. I went right home and went to bed."

#1 - Folsom Prison Blues
"... I shot a man in Reno, just two watch him die ..."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top of the Tops

Well, I made a lot of List in the last time. I just thought about ordering them and summerize them right here.

Still to come ...
  • Hottest Girls in Human History
  • Greatest Movies of all Time
  • Greatest Actors of all Time
  • ... (it's late right now. I'll figure out other Lists later)

Top Football Equipment

Hey Dudes,

I don't know if mentioned it, but I play American Football and I'm the Equpment Hog on our Team. Well, actually I need two pairs of new cleats and gloves every year, not because they are torn down, I just have a kind of a fetish. My favorit brand is Nike right now. But Under Armour is taking mor and more place in my locker. So I made up my mind, walked through some stuff in my locker and on the internet and figured out my Top 5 Cleats and Gloves. This lists will be updated frequently. In this list only appear stock Items which are available for every customer.

#5 - Adidas TS Mario Wiliams
Well, this is a major upset. I choose the Mario over the LT signature cleat. On of my Teammates just got this cleat and I looks so awesome that I really choose an Adidas Cleat over a Nike one. I think this will be the only time. But only time will tell ...

#4 - Nike Huarache 2009
I like the first version of this Cleat but this one is killer. I really like the strap on the forefoot. Great style. And by the way, this shoe looks killer when it's taped over with just the strap free on the forefoot.

#3 - Under Armour Metal Mid
This cleat is from the 2008 collection of Under Armour, but still the coolest one. It's actually the most aggressiv looking cleat I know. This is what it makes my Number 3 choice. Click, clack ... Do you hear us comin'?

#2 - Nike Blade D 2009 Edition
This is a classic. Well, I do not like the TD version that much, but with detachables it way better. I chhose this shoe over every on else because I like mid top shoes. Well, it's only the number 2 on this list because the next one is OF THE HOOK.

#1 Nike Vapor Jet 4.2 Chrome Edition
Man, is this a killer shoe, all chrome. I have nothing more to tell.

Let's make a cut to Football Gloves:

#5 - Under Armour Blitz 2
As I told you, Under Armour is taking more and more room in my locker. So this glove is just well designed. Actually I had a try on this but, well, this glove is better for posing than playing football.

#4 - Under Armour F1 Reciever Glove
Its a greate glove because it's looks as tight as it is. Man, this glove is really tight, and not in the picturesk type. Actually the grip is nat that good.

#3 - Nike Jordan Reciever Gloves
Cool brand, cool glove, all white, nothing more to tell.

#2 - Cutters Gamer
And an upset again. This ist like Boise State winning the Fiesta Bowl. Every players know that Cutters Gloves are famous for their performance rather then style. But this one is really cool. And i like the short cut right above the wrist. This glove is my choice for the next season.

#1 - Nike Asassin Gloves
And Nike again. I told you about my little crush on Nike. This glove looks aggressiv, performes great. It's not as durable as the Cutters but in this list style wins over quality.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

And again

Well, I'm kond of bored and can't sleep. So I shoot out another Top5 List:

The 5 best duets in Music History:

Number 5:

Bonnie Raitt & Nora Jones - Tennessee Waltz

Well, I just found it surfin' around on YouTube but hell yea, this two rock! The combination of the smooth voice of Nora Jones, the smokie voice of Bonnie and this classic song is really greate.

Number 4:

Elton John & George Michael - Don't let the sun go down on me

Put together two wonderfull orchestral voices and an emotional song and what you get is one of the best duets of th last 30 years. Greate Performance, greate song. The only thing what's missing is the swagger of both singing together.

Number 3:

Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock - Picture

I'm, well let's say, not the biggest Kid Rock Fan, but this song is greate. Greate Lyrics and it fits perfect to both of them. And Sheryl Crow is hot like hell.

Number 2:

Mark Knopfler, Sting, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins - Money for Nothing (by Dire Straits)

Actually, this is not a duet, but I cannot make a list of Artists performing songs together and leave out this one. Actually if this list wouldn't be about duetts this one would be Number One! Just think a little moment about the cast. Lead Gitare and Lead Vocals: Mark Knopfler. Vocals: Sting. Gitare: Eric Clapton. Drums: Phil Collind. The best group of musicians I've ever seen.

Number 1:

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel - Ain't no mountain high enough

You can't talk about duetts and leave out this song. Two of the best musicians of the early 70s, one of the best songs ever made and this two performing and acting so good together. This actually is the definition of a great duet.

It's getting down

Hi Fellas,

today I want to talk about emotional stuff. The 5 Songs that touches me most, in many different ways. To make a long story short I'll start right away:

Number 5:

Your Song - Elton John

I start with an old time classic. This is one of the songs you like to play when your are alone with a girl and want to ... (I think you mind can tell you). But thats not because you know that it will work, it's because everybody really like the song. And I like Eltons voice so much. And yes, this is a statement, Sir Elton John you are one of the best musicians ever performed.

Number 4:

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

That's an easy call. It's Eric, it's the song and the story to this song. If somebody does a list of emotional songs you can't miss out this one.

Number 3:

Bridge over troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkle

This could be the number one if Eva Cassidy wouldn't have passed away and draged attention to her interpretation of "Somewhere over the Rainbow".

Number 2:

Halleluja - Jeff Buckley

OK, everybody who knows about music will kill me right now. Leonard Cohen is a master and this song is his masterpiece. But when it comes down to performance and singing I think he just did to much. Jeff Buckley, just a gitare, that enough and holds so much more emotions.

And the winner is:

Somewhere over the Rainbow - best Performance by Eva Cassidy

This song is so incredible great. When this song is played I'll can't move and always have to hold my tears. Why Eva Cassidy? Well, first of all her Interpretation is extra ordinary great. Sadly she passed away some years ago. Greate Artist performed one of the greatest songs of all time. I also do like the original by Israel Kamakawiwo, well it's the original and no interpretation, but Eva's voice just stands out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Top 10 Best Live Acts

Hi Readers,

I finally made up my mind on this list. It was a tough fight with some major upsets, do here it is:

1. Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock
Really need an explenation?

2. Pink Floyd in Berlin
The setting is sensationel and that in front of 300.000 people and at this historic point, just greate.

3. The Doors at Whiskey A Go-Go
Right here startet the great journey of one of the greatest bands of all time.

4. Tracy Chapman at Live Aid
If you think about that she was just the backup and then made such a greate concert. If there woulnd't be such legends in my list she deserves number 1.

5. Guns'n'Roses in Rio de Janeiro
There concerts are all greate but Rio was outstanding. It was at the pike of there success and in front of 250.000 visitors.

6. Nirvana at MTV Unplugged
One of the greatest rock bands of all time and with an Curt Cobain who really showed why he derserves this spot. God bless him. Nirvana never was the greatest live band but this gig was special and different.

7. Queen at Live Aid
Queen really performs on there concerts. It's more a kind of an theatric performance then a concert. This is why they aren't ranked higher.

8. Toto in Paris
There solos rock the hell out of you.

9. Metallica with San Francisco Orchestra
Nothing else Matters is really a stand out of their normal type of performances. This is why I like it.

10. Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguiellare kissing
Not greate because of the music, but everybody knows what happened.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Music and other funny stuff

Hi guys, you haven't heared a lot from me in the last couple weeks. I had a lot to do at college. Well, I'm back again. I just watched the woodstock documentary, and what a masterpiece of work. By the way, you have to watch inglorious bastards, the new masterpiece by Quentin Terentino. So as I'm watching woodstock I thought about the best music live performances of all time. But right now I can't do the list, so I just drop some names and figure up the entire list later.

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock:
Not known as his best piece of work but the american national anthem rocks all over the place. By the way, 1.5 million visitors.

Robbie Williams at Scotland:
First of all, he is one of the greatest entertainers of the world. But 110.000 people at this concert is a bad ass statement.

Placebo at Rock am Ring 2006:
Greate performance. But what made this concert special was not the music, it has been the weather. Placebo at dawn, more words needed?

Metallica with London Orchestra at Charnegi Hall:
Well, Metalica is actually one of the greatest rock band of all time and a future hall of famer. But even the hardest rockers get tears in their eyes when they hear "Nothing else matters”. Congrarulations guys, this is one for the ages.

Nirvana MTV Unplugged:
This, again, is a masterpiece. Nirvana will be the best grunge band of all time, and with Curt at Club 27 they are part of history. This concert reflects all the musical deepnes of their lyrics and all the fear and anger of Curt Cobain.

These are the first five that came to my mind. But there is a lot more music done that is worth to write down. Here are my running ups:

The Doors
Mötley Crue
Fettes Brot

By the way, lasr week I was inches before doing the naked man. But I was to anchious. So, I'm wating for my next chance. My last told experiment stucks at while. The girl i planned to use for this is not in town right now. I think I'll wait till she's back.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My best Football Team

I know what I said, but when I don't do this "Best on the market" List right know, I'll forget it.
Well, I'm really into Football. And yesterday I thought which Player I would choose to build my franchise around. It should be an active Player. But I really can't imagine one single player. A Quaterback wouldn't work without a real GoToGuy. And a Smash Mouth RB wouldn't get a single yard with a crappy OLine. If i really have to chose one single Player it would be a Defense guy because they can make a difference in a game by themselfes. But it would be unfair to chose a Linebacker over a Defense Back or the other way around. So I play Waren Sapp for this evening.


OLine: Bryant McKinnie (Vikings)
With Walter Jones off the board this guy the MEAN MACHINE. He is the reason why A.P. is this greate. On the inside it's Steve Hutchinson, but I'll always pick a Tackle over a Guard. Bryant is 6.8, 335 pounds Monster. If you think about why the Viks run the OffTackle plays this well, it's because of him.

QB: Vince Young (Titans)
In the modern art of playing ball you got to have a QB who can throw the ball AND run it (just look at the last success of the wildcat formation). So the only other guy who comes to my mind would be Michael Vick, but he'll never play in the NFL again. If somebody now tells me Payton is the much better QB, I'll say yes, but only in the Pocket. I've never seen Payton running fpr 60 or 70 yards and throwing for 300. So, Payton is the better Passer but Vince fits best in the modern way of playing the game.

RB: Adrian Peterson (Vikings)
Yes, another one from Minnesota. He and Bryant are the best combo you can get. And I think there wouldn't be any sceptics about this pic.

FB: Madison Hedgecock (Giants)
As a reate Fullback you have to be the full package. You have to block, run and catch the ball in space. He can do this all and he got swager. I really like this guy. Espacially on this position you need swager.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)
I've never seen a guy catching balls this great. Double Coverage? So what, throw the ball to him. He'll catch it. A lot of guys would say Randy Moss right here, and with Tom Terrific back on the gridiron there will be also much more. But when he got Double Coverage last year with Brady out, there were other guys to make the big plays. So I pic Larry because he is a Playmaker 24/7.

TE: Tony Gonzales (Falcons)
This is THE Tigth End of the last decades (If we would live in the 70's I would chose Kellen Winslow Sr.). This guy catches the ball like a reciever and blocks you like a Tackle. And now with the Falcons he has the Championship Team he always wanted.


DT: Albert Haynesworth (Redskins)
If you are an OLine Man there is one guy in the game you don't want to play against, Albert. He always needs a double team and beats them on a regular basis. Terrific. And I like mean guys on the inside.

DE: DeMarcus Ware (Cowboys)
With Albert in the middle I want the best rushing end in the game, and this is, with no doubt, DeMarcus Ware. He scares QBs with his pure presence. So set him up and you'll get multiple sacks EVERY game.

ILB: Patrick Willis (49ers)
The best Tackler in the NFL in his rookie season? You think thats not possible? It is, in form of Patrick. The guys around him are maybe not the best against the run, but it's not easy to play this consistend in a rookie season. He and Albert on my Team and nobody will ever run the middle.

OLB: Shawn Merriman (Chargers)
Can rush the side where DeMarcus isn't and play it really hard nose against the run. Maybe the best all about Linebacker. So he definitly has a starting job on my Team.

CB: Cortland Finnegan (Titans)
Mr Interception. QBs throw away from him just not to get Intercepted. You may tell me that he only played this well because he has the support of the DLine, but thats exactly what i want to produce.

Safety: Ed Reed (Ravens)
The earth is coverd 2/3 by water, but Ed Reed covers everything. Thats so fucking true. Defently the best Safety in the game. And against the run, oh boy, that guy hits you in the face with 200 mph.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Best on the Market

I just got an idea for a new Category. In "Best on the Market" I'll rank stuff every 2 weeks. I did this before in my top-5 women sports (link). Today I start with the Top 5 MILFs in memory of Katie Price to be back on the market.

#5 : Jennifer Coolige (Age 45)

THE MILF. This women really build the word MILF. Not only Finch recognized this in all the American Pie Movies. Actually she would end up being a number 3 but she crushed her spot by not showing anything about her private life. All about real life MILFism would be guessing. I actually don't know if she's a real mom.

#4 : Cobie Smulders (Age 27)

New entrance in this list. If I would have made this list 9 month earlier she could not be here. If she wouldn't be engaged she would even get higher in this list. The most of her repuation was gained by the great series "How I met your Mother".

#3 : Katie Price (Age 31)

Man, I tell you, this is a pure MILF. I just read that you just have to go to a party with her to get in her panties. She likes to strip down all naked when she's drunk. And she is back on the market. You may ask why she is not #2. Well, at first she has no style. If I would be her child, I would be ashamed of her. But she is still hot like hell and so she secured her podium position.

#2 : Nelly Furtado (Age 30)

Actually it would be a tied first place if I wouldn't have a little crush on Angelina. I can't remeber a single women who looks that greate after a pragnancy. And she can sing and seems to be really down to earth. But what brings her on top of Katie Price are her eyes, and, damn, watch her belly.

#1 : Angelina Jolie (Age 34)

DAMN, she is hot like hell. She gets even hotter when she gets older. There isn't and there will be no other number 1 in this list. Even if this would be the list of the hottes women on this planet she would be in my top 5. She got 2 kids and you ain't see anything. She is the one and only MILF since she bacame a mom. And her relationship to Brad Pit doesn't lower her status because he really is a cool guy.


So Fellas, I have to make a Statement about suits. There's nothing more manly then suits, and there is no other piece of clothing which is only made for men. And if somebody comes around with this crazy combos for women, this is fuckin not a SUIT! Think about it for a second ...
All right, why exists suits? If it would be just about comfort or functionality I would prefer a pullover and my old cord trouser. But how do i look like in my favorite pink wool pullover and an four year old cord trouser? True, not awesome. So, that women see that we care about how we look like an inteligent person invents the suit. This is an plaudit for suits. WEAR SUITS GUYS!
Me and my friends started going out in suits every two weeks. And let me tell you the truth, you not only feel better, you also have a better shot on girls. My experiments brought out that suit REALLY work! So, SUIT UP, BITCHES!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I found a 9+, or how Megan Fox starts sozialising

Allright Fellas, how many of you really remember Transformers? And I do not mean the cool yellow camaro from the motion picture. Last week I just went up to the cinema to watch the new Transformer movie. Well, the script is not that well and the jokes ... all right let's stop right here or I waste all my time counting the bad features of that film. But what is not a bad feature is Megan Fox! This girl is smokin' hot. I really think they just made this movie to present her, and let me say, with a lot of success. And when it comes to the final scenes I thought they couldn't top the shots of her. But they did. Slow Motion of Megan Fox in a tiny tank top. Greate Movie! I immediately forgot all the lack of complex plot. I found the girl that comes that near to a ten then no other girl till now. For example:

Well, her acting skills are on one level with some great actors I saw in soft porn movies, but, and I'll not get tired to tell you again and again, she's smokin' hot. But everybody recognizied her lack of talent so she got a new Series where she is hunted by the devil and starts terrorizing her neighborhood. Much more realistic and a tough role to play ...
So I'll give her a 9+ because she is, and I'll repeat myself again, smokin' hot.

Let's come to the King of Pop. That nobody missunderstands me, Micheal, rest in peace. You have been the greatest Pop Artist over years. I really admire your work and the music you played. Let's have one minute of silence ...

But what happens now is way to much. If your goal is that everybody starts hating his music because every song is so overplayed you're on the right way. I love to hear his music, BUT NOT 24/7. Because I'm number 1.000.000 who made this statement I stop this right here.

Right now I have kicked out a new experiment out of nowhere. If I'm about everything she loves, how many dates it will take to get in her pants? Right now I just hang around with here from time to time and gather information. For example if she loves Hoodies, what will be the effect if I give her mine if she freezes? I know, it will be good, but will it works better than a jacket? This is the point; will things she loves work better than normal, kind behavior? I think I just need one more week to gather all information I need. So hear about the date in about two weeks. I'll bet on myself.

What about my other Experiments? I just couldn't find a situation to do the naked man. If you can have a girl the easy way, why burst it with the naked man? I'm just waiting for a situation where my chances are really low, and I'm in a town far, far away.
And did suiting up works? I'll tell you yes, but I still not finished my researches. So be patient for new result.
And jobs? I'll try this the next time I'm in Münster. I'll tell you about this.

Well, there is one more thing I just discoverd. There has been a headphone-party in zurich. Greate Idea. Listen to loud music without disturbing anybody, but ... THIS IS NOT A PARTY. Someone has to take offence on partys. That is how partys work. This are the stories you talk about later on and on. "Do you remeber me drunk as hell and the police comes around at my flat because the music was to loud?" This is the kind of party I want to be part of. The only thing I think is interesting about silent parties is the possibility to listen to people. If the music is off you can hear everybody talkin. I haven't discoverd a real plan, but this could be a little fun.

Peace out

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Girl Ranking

Hi Bros,

years ago a really close friend and I designed a Point System to rank women. It doesn't include the mind of them because this is really personal and everybody has a different opinion what a girl should behave like are think of important things. So this is just about how they look like. And before everybody gets angry on me, I know this ist kind of sexist behavor, but this is what this post is about. So if you don't like it just shut up.

The Ranking:

0 Points: A girl you wouldn't even make out with. Not even if you are drunk as hell.

1 Point: All right, just pretend there would be enough alcohol to make you blind, this could maybe, just maybe, a hook up for you this evening. But the next morning will be a horror like wakin' up in a saw movie.

2 Points: This is actually a 1-Point-Girl but you don't have to be blind to get in her panties. Although the same amount of alcohol is needed. And you'll never tell your friends about this hooker.

To girls in this range you woulnd't even talk to without any alcohol.

3 Points: If you are on a party of your grandma and there are only friends of her, girls with 3-Points don't look pretty in this circumstance. But when your grandma sipp punch like mine and you drink with here, a 3-Point Girl could be your shot this evening. And you wouldn't wake up and want to kill yourself on the next mornin' , ... , but maybe bite your arm of.

4 Points: Welcome to the Top of the "only when I'm really drunk" contest. This girls are the ones you want to fuck when you are on a party with few chance for a good shot, but when you see them sober this feeling is gone. You mornin' would just be a little bit weird.

All right gentlemen, here comes the Points for girls you would hook up with, even if there's no alcohol around you.

5 Points: All right, not the "Top of the Pops" but for a little relaxin' hour she would do her job quite good. But actually a normal handjob by yourself will have the same effect.

6 Points: This is the kind of girl you want to find at the very end of an evening. It's not a shame and you would even tell your friends about her. But it's not somebody you would recognize out on the streets.

7 Points: You would work for girls from this point on. And you have to, bacause you are not the only guy who want to get in her pants. This girls a the so called sweeties on every party. Go for it bro, because everything better would be hard to get.

Welcome to the top 3.

8 Point: Should be a 9-Points-Girl, but something is missing ...

9 Points: This is the best you'll ever find. She looks like the women you love from TV. Smokin' hot and hard to find in your actual life. Actually I know 3 9-Point girls in my real life.

10 Point: God would be a 10-Point Girl if he would be a girl, so I would say nobody know a 10.

Extras or losses:
From 6 Points up you could increase or decrease a score with this specials.

-1 Point: not a perfect ass
-2 Points: fat ass
+1 Point: Bigger Boobs then usual for her score
+1 Point: She does EVERYTHING you want ( I'm talkin about sex if you don't get the clue)

And at the end my example of a 9-Point-Girl:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Project

All right guys. As maybe some of you recognized I'm kind of into the style of the "How I met your mother" Series. So I gone start my new Project. I'll try all of Barney's Theories and Practics to hook up with women because I want to know how much freaky hook up talks a girl can stand. After fine research I came to certain points of interests:

Experiment #1:
How is the causality between me meeting a girl and hook up with her effected by wearing a suit?
Experiment set up: Of course it will not work just to count the number of successful hook ups on one evening. This number is effected by a lot of more factors like place, season, time of the day, alcohol and the mood of the girl. It's also kind of tough to get more then two girls on one night. So the successratio wouldn't show significant variations. So we need another set case. I need two examples of the women species. One I met with suit on, one I met in casual cloths. But I'm not trying do get into their pants this night. I hang around with them for two weeks. Then I met them again with different cloths then the first time. Then I try to have sex with them. We'll see which date works better. If it's easier to get the girl I met with a suit on the second date it approves my theory that suits work.

Experiment #2:
How does greate jobs affect the interest of girls?
Experiment set up: This got to happen in another town then the one I live in because there can be people who know me and enlace me in unsolveable problems. So I'll visit a friend of me in a different town and tell them really greate stuff about my work. I'll grab up the theory that architect are cool. It's easy because I can say I designed special bulding in this town. Of course I need a reference case. The same evening I talk to a different girl. I'll tell her that I study something stupid. I think a Communications Major will work. To be able to compare the results I only talk two hours to the girls.

Experiment #3:
The naked guy.
Experiment set up: This one is really tough to do. You have to get at a girls place, go to her rest room and strip naked. Then go back to her and stay naked. Because there is the posibilty that she throws you out of her place I'll better drop my cloths right next to the door so that I can grab them easiely. To have no outer parameters it's gotta be a girl I haven't met before. To not be socially baned I will not do this in my hometown.

These are the first experiments I really want to do. If there are any new Experiments that come to my mind I'll post it here. I'll also post the results right here, so look around at least every weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beachvolleyball is such a greate sport ...

... not because I like to play it, it's because a lot of beautifull girls love this sport. And beachvolleyball features on of the best rules in sport. The "Your-Panties-Have-To-Be-This-Short" rule, greate, isn't it? So watchin girls bent over in hotpants is really a greate evening activity. So you see, I'm really into sports like that, so here is my all time favorite Top-5 list of womensports:
  1. Beachvolleyball
  2. Womenhockey (short skirts and always bent over)
  3. Lingerie Football (and there is a hell of a league for this "sport")
  4. Womentennis (screaming like the girl in my bed last night)
  5. Women Gymnastics (flexible girls, I could imagine a lot to do with them)
If somebody has more interesting sports I'll extend my list. I'll close this post with pics of my top five.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do you feel the magic this evening?

... this was the first thing a good friend asked me this evening when I came around at his flat. And can you imagine what I felt about this evening? Alright, I always try to see everything as positiv as possible, but without any alcohol I couldn't see any way to feel the magic. So I try some beer to get a touch of his "magic". And how you can imagine, it doens't helped a lot. At least it helped me not to think about this girl, lovely as she is. But I really can't feel his magic. Well, he has a greate idea to raise my mood. Find some hookers, well, not the kind you pay for, more the kind of you buy some drinks and never call back after they went with you. And before anybody askes, yes I'm this kind of a jerk, or as I call me Mr. Awesome.
So we were kind of bored by just walkin up to them and ask for names, smalltalk, bla bla bla ... I'll always wanted to try to do "The Foreigner". For all the old fashioned of you, I'll not pretend to be a Member of them. You wouldn't even believe me how often this works. When you play "The Foreigner" one of you has to be the guy out of town, and the other one has to be from a place far, far away, at best from a different country. As I am from Germany I love to pretend the other guy to be from the States. It would be a lot more interesting to pretend to be from some exotic place like India or Japan, but that's kind of tough to survive when you are really lookin like a central european and don't speak a fuckin word hindu. So my bro pretends to be from New York, Rhode Island if somebody asks, but he is to pathetic to speaks to women. So I have to talk to them first ... I think every knows what I'm talkin about. And for all of them how don't believe that this works, 5 phone numbers and a booty call 2 hours later speak their own language.
But the girl I'm lookin for was still not there. But I firmly believe I'll find her ... someday.
Why I'm so confident? To speak in the words of my bro in my mind, Barney Stinson, I'm legen ... wait for it, just one more moment ... dary . High Five!
One last word at the end. Although I grab up some thoughts of the fictional person, named Barney Stinson, all I'm telling here is the truth. Nothing more or less. And I don't think that all my stories will end like that. Maybe there will never be a happy end with that girl.
So see you next time I have nothing to do and something to tell you ...

btw: To make some thing mor simple I'll call myself Bob (maybe someone got the clue).