Monday, July 13, 2009

Best on the Market

I just got an idea for a new Category. In "Best on the Market" I'll rank stuff every 2 weeks. I did this before in my top-5 women sports (link). Today I start with the Top 5 MILFs in memory of Katie Price to be back on the market.

#5 : Jennifer Coolige (Age 45)

THE MILF. This women really build the word MILF. Not only Finch recognized this in all the American Pie Movies. Actually she would end up being a number 3 but she crushed her spot by not showing anything about her private life. All about real life MILFism would be guessing. I actually don't know if she's a real mom.

#4 : Cobie Smulders (Age 27)

New entrance in this list. If I would have made this list 9 month earlier she could not be here. If she wouldn't be engaged she would even get higher in this list. The most of her repuation was gained by the great series "How I met your Mother".

#3 : Katie Price (Age 31)

Man, I tell you, this is a pure MILF. I just read that you just have to go to a party with her to get in her panties. She likes to strip down all naked when she's drunk. And she is back on the market. You may ask why she is not #2. Well, at first she has no style. If I would be her child, I would be ashamed of her. But she is still hot like hell and so she secured her podium position.

#2 : Nelly Furtado (Age 30)

Actually it would be a tied first place if I wouldn't have a little crush on Angelina. I can't remeber a single women who looks that greate after a pragnancy. And she can sing and seems to be really down to earth. But what brings her on top of Katie Price are her eyes, and, damn, watch her belly.

#1 : Angelina Jolie (Age 34)

DAMN, she is hot like hell. She gets even hotter when she gets older. There isn't and there will be no other number 1 in this list. Even if this would be the list of the hottes women on this planet she would be in my top 5. She got 2 kids and you ain't see anything. She is the one and only MILF since she bacame a mom. And her relationship to Brad Pit doesn't lower her status because he really is a cool guy.

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