Monday, July 13, 2009


So Fellas, I have to make a Statement about suits. There's nothing more manly then suits, and there is no other piece of clothing which is only made for men. And if somebody comes around with this crazy combos for women, this is fuckin not a SUIT! Think about it for a second ...
All right, why exists suits? If it would be just about comfort or functionality I would prefer a pullover and my old cord trouser. But how do i look like in my favorite pink wool pullover and an four year old cord trouser? True, not awesome. So, that women see that we care about how we look like an inteligent person invents the suit. This is an plaudit for suits. WEAR SUITS GUYS!
Me and my friends started going out in suits every two weeks. And let me tell you the truth, you not only feel better, you also have a better shot on girls. My experiments brought out that suit REALLY work! So, SUIT UP, BITCHES!

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