Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Project

All right guys. As maybe some of you recognized I'm kind of into the style of the "How I met your mother" Series. So I gone start my new Project. I'll try all of Barney's Theories and Practics to hook up with women because I want to know how much freaky hook up talks a girl can stand. After fine research I came to certain points of interests:

Experiment #1:
How is the causality between me meeting a girl and hook up with her effected by wearing a suit?
Experiment set up: Of course it will not work just to count the number of successful hook ups on one evening. This number is effected by a lot of more factors like place, season, time of the day, alcohol and the mood of the girl. It's also kind of tough to get more then two girls on one night. So the successratio wouldn't show significant variations. So we need another set case. I need two examples of the women species. One I met with suit on, one I met in casual cloths. But I'm not trying do get into their pants this night. I hang around with them for two weeks. Then I met them again with different cloths then the first time. Then I try to have sex with them. We'll see which date works better. If it's easier to get the girl I met with a suit on the second date it approves my theory that suits work.

Experiment #2:
How does greate jobs affect the interest of girls?
Experiment set up: This got to happen in another town then the one I live in because there can be people who know me and enlace me in unsolveable problems. So I'll visit a friend of me in a different town and tell them really greate stuff about my work. I'll grab up the theory that architect are cool. It's easy because I can say I designed special bulding in this town. Of course I need a reference case. The same evening I talk to a different girl. I'll tell her that I study something stupid. I think a Communications Major will work. To be able to compare the results I only talk two hours to the girls.

Experiment #3:
The naked guy.
Experiment set up: This one is really tough to do. You have to get at a girls place, go to her rest room and strip naked. Then go back to her and stay naked. Because there is the posibilty that she throws you out of her place I'll better drop my cloths right next to the door so that I can grab them easiely. To have no outer parameters it's gotta be a girl I haven't met before. To not be socially baned I will not do this in my hometown.

These are the first experiments I really want to do. If there are any new Experiments that come to my mind I'll post it here. I'll also post the results right here, so look around at least every weekend.

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