Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best on the Market Round Up

I haven't posted anything for a pretty long time now. A lot has changed on the girl market and so I want to do an update on my rankings. These rankings are gone be update to you guys:
  • Hottest Girls to Age of 25 (25 is too old)
  • Hottest MILFs (minimum Age of 30 and has to be a Mother)
  • Best Football Cleats
Hottest Girls to Age of 25:I got two newly Check Ins for this category, Jamie Lynn Spears and Brooklyn Decker.Jamie, the younger sister of Britney Spears, looks as hot as her older Sister when she was at the beginnings of her career. We all cross our fingers that she does not has to face the same future.
Brooklyn is a new Sport Ilustarted Foto Model and her titts are the coolest things I have seen for a very long time.Kaley Cuoco is now in her senior month a will pass out this ranking at the end of November. Sarah Fletcher is too old now.
Emma Watson ist getting hotter and hotter. The last time I posted an update she was really close to Kaley, now, with the new pictures on her website, she got the second place. With Sarah leaving this ranking she is my new Number ONE! Big high five for you Harry Potter.
So the new ranking is:
  1. Emma Watson
  2. Brooklyn Decker
  3. Kaley Cuoco
  4. Renee Olstead
  5. Jamie Lynn Spears (Titts are making the difference here)
Hottest MILFS:
OK, at my first try I didn't really thought about that, Jennifer Coolidge is not a Mother, Cobie Smulders is too young and Katie Price, well, she is not that hot, it's just her breasts. All of them didn't made the cut.
My new women in this list are Heather Locklear, Uma Thurman and Courteney Cox. I think there is no need for any explenation. Cause of the acctual hype about "Rules of Engagement" I also thought about Megyn Price, but Heather won the challenge. The ranking is:
  1. Angelina Jolie (still the one and only)
  2. Courteney Cox
  3. Nelly Furtado
  4. Uma Thurman (She has really funny titts)
  5. Heather Locklear
Hottest Football Cleats:
The new Nike Speed stormed my mind and wouldn't let loose. They are my absolute new Number ONE!
And another new pait of Nike Cleats, the LT Super Bad, a combination of the LT Branded Cleats and the Super Bad. And they look amazingly sharp. The new Number 3.
The chrome Vapor Cleats are not available any more, so they are out of this list.

  1. Nike Super Speed 2010
  2. Nike Blade D 2009
  3. Nike LT Super Bad 2010
  4. Nike Air Huarache 2009
  5. Adidas Mario Wiliams

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