Thursday, August 5, 2010

Experiment SUCCEEDED

On my very first post I told you about the "Foreigner", a great move to get girls. It's kind of pretending you are from a different country and do not know anything about the place you are. Yesterday I performed it in perfection. At my regular bar I met a guy from USA. We talked about football and had a lot of booze. So he came up with the idea I pretend beeing an American and see if we can pick up some girls. So I came up with my best texan accent and tried not to catch somebodys eye who knows me. We sat next to two reall cute girls and talk to them. The most exciting thing was that they completly bought into the mascerade and talked on german about us with us sitting next to them. Of course I could understand every single word. We had a lot of fun. Then a female friend of these girls came up, want to see our ID Cards. So I ran to the bathroom, of course I don't have any American ID Card or Drivers License. The bar closes and we went to a Diner nearby and I talked a lot to girl hittin' us in the bar. And now guess who's got a private german Lesson ...

I just saw the movie "The Last Temptation of Christ" and I can tell you one thing, it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. The timespan where Jesus got saved from the cross by an angel till everything collapses is the most honest truth about beeing Christian. No matter if Jesus really died at the cross and came back 3 days later or not, it's the faith in God making this happen what makes you believe. If you truelly believe nobody can make you don't believe cause believing is something you do because of your inner attidude towards life. That's nothing somebody can talk you out with logic becaus your faith is not based on logic arguments, it's something you feel in you. So beeing Christian is not based on Jesus rebirth, more than it's based on the principals Jesus talked about and believing in a God who could make Jesus rebirth happen.

An by the way, how greate is William Dafoe in thi flic. What a Genius ...

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