Saturday, September 11, 2010

College Dudes

Hey People,

I'm a recent reader on College Girls on College Humor, and I always thought that I would be on it if there would be a male version. So, I imagined the following questions (with my personal answers):

1. Every guy has a female side. Name your top love flick.
Harry and Sally . There is no love movie better played then this. And the orgasm scene is just classy.
2. Favorit position ... in football of course. What do you thought about, dirty bastard?
Well, I'd say Safety. I'm going for the long shot, and when I'm in I hit it really hard. Most of the time coming from behind.
3. Invent a new typ of beer.
I would combine my two favorite drinks, beer and Gaterode. I wonder how this would taste like.
4. What was your most special sports moment?
2008 Perfect Season.
5. OK, let's be realistic, everything tastes better with bacon and cheese. What other ingediant makes every dish taste better?
Beautifull Girls. No matter what they cook for me, it always taste good.
6. Have you ever been caught mastubating? Funny story?
Once by my roomie. Followed by very awkward silence.
7. How many beer cans could you crack open and drink each after another till you drop down?
I'd maybe do 15 cans. I'm a student so I'm pretty used to it.
8. A man who can cook always has a thing with the girls. What would you cook for you anual hook up?
Everything with Chillie, Garlic and Ginger. That works all the time.
9. Would you do a devil threesome?
Did it ...
10. I know, we all love the 70's Show. Who would you prefer for breakfast after ... , you know what, Mila Kunis or Laura Prepon?
Come on, the blond Laura Prepon is so damn hot. Tits are makin' the difference here.

By the way, these are my top 5 songs of today:

1. Rat Pack - Summer Wind
2. Hurts - Wonderful Life
3. Bing Crosby - Winter Wonderland
4. Billy Joel - Christie Lee
5. Cloeman Hawkins - Smoke gets in your eyes

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