Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I just found my new love for the Halloween Holiday. Actually I'm not a big fan of costume parties, but Halloween rocks like Hell. It's not about the massiv amount of alcohol or the chance to drop blood all over my face. It's all about the girls.
It's about all the short skirts, about all the masks, which mascarade a lot of uglyness. It's about all the girls looking so cute beeing a dead corpus. And I just found out that girls really dig on me when I put on the scares ad cover myself with blood.
Well, it's all about a pretty cool party which always tends to end up in sex with a total stranger. And, in my case, looking forward to hook up with identical twins!!!
Yes, you read right. Some identical twins really admired me all party long. Well, the only issue is their age, but they are 18 so defenitly eligable for sex, wel, better said eligable for a threesome. This is maybe the only shot for something like this in my whole life, so I really dig into this right now. Will give you updates on this.
And there's nothing new on my other experiments.

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