Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Girls Diary

Hey Pals, how is goin' ?

Haven't posted a lot in the last time cause I've been pretty busy with th ladies. Things went really crazy in the last time. Had three hot shots, went out scoreing nothing, and then came up short to a three way with twins. So I have a really hard time getting all the information together and forming my strategies. So this is gonne be the place were I post my stories to not make the same faults again and again. First, al little roundup on my dates:

Halloween went greate. But had no contact after all. If I want to hit on these girls I have to invest a lot more.
Next Step: Asking for a date with both of them.

Well, I met her at a party with my neighbour. She looks really cute and I just talk to her and dance a bit. She told me that she likes me cause I pay attention. I thought that she likes me to and that she is more of a shy girl. Texted a lot with her over Facebook and made a date. And what happened? She canceled it. So I went out with my guys. And guess who I found at a club together with 4 horny guys? And she didn't even thought about talkin to me. Then she suddenly started texting me again. Weird girl. Seems a bit like a player now.
Next Step: Goinf to meet her at a party tomorrow and will try to make the same move I did a month ago when I met her. I don't think that this is gonne work, but it's worth trying.

Had a date with her and thought that she would be the easy deal. Kind of not worked out. Had a greate night at a club with her and her girls. Then took her home to her place. But there had been no magic between us. I think this is done.
Next Step: I'll try to hit on her when the party tomorrow ends and I've nothing to take home.

This was kind of cool. Met her with a friend from my hometown at a club. I saved her out of the claws of a really creepy guy who despretly tried to hit on her. A kiss kind of save it. Then had a greate party night with her, kissed a little bit. Nothing more happened. Found out later that she is a lesbian and has a girlfriend.
Next Step: Will meet her at the party tomorrow. She is gonne be my main theme for the evening. Just try to spend some drinks on her and dance a little bit a see if magic will happen again.

This is gonne be fun. She's a co-worker of mine and she is really shy and has a self-confidence problem. I'm really courious if she has a boyfriend and/or if she is available for a sexual relationship. Will spend the day tomorrow with her at work and at my bosse's farewell party. She's going to be at the college party tomorrow, too.
Next Step: Try to build up some relations with her. Think it's gonne be though work.

Well, these girls are my options at this time. More then I ever had, but you guys know my luck. All's gonne be tending against me. Tomorrow will be fun.

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