Monday, December 20, 2010

Clubnight 18.12

Went for some serious club action yesterday with my boys. And got some new prospects for my list.

Looks like an easy deal. She is pretty slutty has huge tits. Left the club too early. But had time enough to talk to her. I think that she like me. Next step, try to create some atraction to me. So far I have no idea how to do that.

She is not the kind of girl I'm usually atracted to. But she is so shy naiv that I will not miss on that one. Try to get in her pants as soon as possible, which will be start of next year.

So, the new list:

#1 C.R.:
Way hotter than S.L. so still #1.

#2 S.L.:
Cause of the short time of her attandence in Germany this in in the list.

#3 A.M.:
Still prefer lesbians over big tits.

#4 C.:
Well, huge tits and a little bit stupid. Great combination though.

No changes for the rest.

#5 V.M.

#6 M.H.

#7 Twins

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