Saturday, December 18, 2010

16.12. Girls Update

Hey Followers,

for keeping you up to date, new status on some girls. Yesterday was a big party at my university and things didn't went out pretty much as I thought they would.

Haven't met her. No News. Seems to not really work out. But had a good Facebook conversation with her, again. This girl is kind of a secret to me.

Drop her from my list. This ain't gonne work out, not even as an option. There's just NO magic.

Haven't met my favorite lesbian. But still on my list. Will give her a call tomorrow if she's going to party with us.

No News.

Company party went absolutly well. I really think that she's kind of into me. The problem yesterday, I haven't seen her late on the party, though I wasn't able to extend our, well let's call it, relationship. The next bigger problem. Her time at our company ends with the end of the year. God thanks facebook, I totally ask her out on a date. I have to hit on this chick. Next Step: Find a way to stay in contact over the holidays.

Well, still think that she's into me. The sings at work are just too obvious. The problem, she hardly visits any party. Our companies Christmas party has to work that out.

Thus, I figured out my list with all these girls in an order of importance to hit on. Though I don't think that one of these girls has the potential for a longer relationship, sadly. So, here it is:

#1 : C.R.
Really cute model girl who's kind of into me. Well, time is running against me, so I really have to start my hurry up offense.

#2 : A.M.
Lesbian, do I have to say more?

#3 : V.M.
I kind of really like this girl. But she is so weird. I'd love to see if this crazy gaming is leading somewhere.

#4 : M.H.
Tough to reach her on a personal level. But I think that she is into me.

#5 : Twins
This is kind of a longshot.

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