Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pick Up Artistry

Well, well, long time no see. It's about a year the last time I've written something here. I really can't recall the reason, probably a mix of obliviousness and laziness. But I still want to share my thoughts with you people. If you read my blog you may got that I like to hit on girls. But my last campaigns I wrote about (link1link2link3) went nearly nowhere. Had a couple of small make out sessions, got in the pants of one, altogether it was just about luck and not at all the result I was looking for. Then a friend of me gave me a book, "Neil Strauss - The Game". I was absolutely amazed by this way to get women, so I discovered the world of pick up artistry for myself. I started o read other books and visit forums all around the internet. I was enchained by the idea to formulate a strategy to hook up with ANY women. I started testing my skills on real women about 6 months ago, with slight success. Actually I was doing the same errors over and over again. So I'm using an old teachers trick to get better, write down everything! Not all my encounters with women are meant to be pick up situations, but all that are meant to, I write about. I write about the particular situation, what exactly happen and what have been good and bad moves. I'm not gonna write everything in this blog, but some selected stories may serve well as amusement.
By the way, I like to use my point system for prioritization (link).
Right now I'm in the following situation:
I kind of fell into a mainly sexual based relationship a couple of weeks ago. Problem, she is one of the best friends of my female roommate, so I have to play this with caution. To get in this I didn't had to play at all, she kind of made her moves on me. But this will serve now as my training situation for building a pure sexual relationship without further commitments and breaking up without her being mad at me. You may ask why I think about breaking up, well it will be more about telling her that I don't want an exclusive relationship with her but I still want to fuck her.
The next big problem, I don't have a backup chick right now. That may sounds weird, but things are going to be way more relaxed once you got a backup chick. Let's see how this will work out.

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