Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hottest Girls under 27

Hey Pals,

it's time to update my Hottest Girls under 25 ranking. First of all, I turned 25 and I don't want this to be only about girls who are younger then me. So, I change it to the Hottest Girls under my age plus 2 years. And you gonna be excited, some really drastic changes happened.

#1 Renee Olstead
She is so hot, and with the days go by she is getting hotter and hotter. She just crushed Kaley and I just like her more than Emma Watson with short hair.

#2 Emma Watson
Her last Pics just blew me away. Shw is so gorgeous. If she would keep her long hair she would be my number 1 one seed for a VERY long time.

#3 Bar Rafaeli
How in the world could I miss out on her? The most beautifull model in the world and she is not on my list? Man, what a failure. Our marriage next month will be great and our kids will be samrt and beautiful ... and rich.

#4 Kaley Cuoco
Hey girl, you are heavily tumbling down the letter. If you do not want to be overtaken by Miley Cirus you better release some new pictures.

#5 Emma Stone
I liked her in Superbad. She looks so good in that movie. But what she did in "Easy A", not only the way she look, the way she played. Great girl and totaly deserves this spot. I truelly believe that she will rise up this list pretty soon.

Sarah Fletcher cause her total media blackout.

Prominent Runner Ups in nor particular order:
Megan Fox - just, well, not my typ? Can't believe my words, but I would choose all the girls in the top 5 over her.
Miley Cirus - Buhhhh! Way too slutty right now!
Olivia Wilde - Damn, is she hot. But, well, the reason is pretty much the same as for Mrs. Fox.

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